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Wunder Filter, founded in 2001 in Istanbul, manufactures and sells filters to its customers with the principle of "high performance and quality filter" by using "the most innovative methods".

Wunder Filter with its wide product range meets the oil, air, cabin and fuel filter needs of the automotive sub-industry sector.

At the same time, it produces oil and fuel filters in its overseas facilities using the highest quality raw materials.

With its advanced infrastructure, strong technology and rich product variety, it continues to increase its market share in Turkey and worldwide.

Wunder Filter brand, represents quality and trust, especially in the domestic market of Turkey and among the world countries, as well as increasing its exports and cooperation to countries such ascountries such as Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Algeria, Morocco, Palestinian State, Israel, Kosovo, Macedonia, Chile, Tanzania, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Greece, Ivory Coast, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Cyprus, Egypt and Senegal as well as increasing its exports and cooperation to countries such as Azerbaijan, Moldova, Cyprus, Egypt and Senegal day by day.

The quality of our products is designed to extend engine life, and we have air, pollen, oil and fuel filters in our stocks, especially for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles.

As Wunder Filter, we attach importance to customer satisfaction and ensure that our experienced staff working in the sales department take care of the interests of the customers in their region.

Wunder Fılter will be happy to serve you with its "Wunder" brand products for many more years by providing power, quality and performance.

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